ACT therapy and training available

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT therapy is a mindfulness based therapy that is proven clinically to help those seeking a fuller life experience. 

As an experienced coach, I use ACT to help with all kinds of life challenges, from anxiety to money worries; depression to parenting challenges. ACT does not require you to delve into your past to feel better; we work together to explore the current moments and how they impact on over-all feelings of contentment within your life.

ACT Training for Businesses

ACT training within businesses helps to improve employee well being and overall productivity, creativity and lower absenteeism through looking at what really matters to them in the workplace and beyond. Why not empower your employees by implementing a training programme?

Whilst a fully trained coach and mindfulness teacher, ACT is an excellent approach that I use in helping people to live life more fully. This is an educational programme to learn useful life skills and not a treatment for mental health disorders. If your challenges are severe, you should seek medical advice first before pursuing coaching as psychotherapy may be more appropriate. Happy to discuss further to see if ACT would be right for you, or if referral would be best.