A taster session of Mindfulness

What is Mindful Meditation?

Whilst you will probably find many definitions, the simplest lies around the notion of focusing your awareness. Intentionally becoming aware, but then allowing and accepting. Non judgemental curiosity, just 'being' in that moment. That's it!

Our taster sessions will enable us to explore the growing evidence behind the benefits of Mindful Meditation and why it is useful to build Mindful Communities. 

We will share some useful daily practices. See the get involved tab for details.

For those who wish to explore further, we hold weekly sessions in The Learning-Studio, Palma. Please book as places are limited.

There is an in-depth eight week course which takes your exploration and practice into a more sustained regular part of your daily life. We are also delivering this in 2 four week slots for convenience - with homework in between!

This practice has transformed my life - enabling me to feel less stressed, more aware of my reaction to events and people and generally more 'grounded'. Give it a try!

(photographs courtesy of www.redmooncruises.co.uk) - open a new window on your life!