Our Service

Bespoke consultation to investigate well-being within the work environment.


Introductory workshops and guidance for sustaining practice.


Initial consultation is complimentary. Contact us for further details.

Happier Employees

For example Zappos grew from a new business in 1999 to a $1 billion company by 2009. He put this success down to the fact that his employees were happy and trained to make customers happy. 

Mindful awareness training and meditation brings back the joy to every task - even filing!

Greater Creativity


It is important for developing businesses to create a culture of innovation in order to be competitive.

Mindful awareness and meditation releases the space for creative thinking.




Useful source - Mindfulness at Work - Alidina and Adams (2014)

Increased Productivity

Productivity is complex, ensuring any increase is due to smarter ways of working rather than simply putting in more hours.

Mindful awareness training aids our ability to focus, become aware of our individual 'best' times to work and increased productivity simply flows.